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How this Best Little Wedding Works

Our Concept is Simple

We set a date, limited to 4 per year beginning in 2020. We offer exclusive times available throughout that day to choose from. You have exclusive use of the venue and its surrounding grounds for the duration of your wedding time that you choose.


On your day, your ceremony area will be decorated beautifully, ready for you and your guests arrival. There will be a musician to accompany your walk down the aisle and back again. You will have a simple, yet elegant bouquet, to carry, and to keep. Our officiant will have been in touch with you prior to your day to discuss your ceremony and how to make it uniquely yours. Our professional photographer will be capturing every moment possible of your ceremony, and will also reach out to you for any special thoughts or ideas you may have. The ceremony will last 10-15 minutes.

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Your reception begins promptly after your vow exchange. Our licensed bartender will be popping the champagne (or sparkling cider) and serving you and all your guests. There will be a petite wedding cake for the two of you to cut, and all your guests will be served individual plates of cake. Our musician will be providing background  music and our photographer will be capturing all the memories. There can be toasts made…a first dance…or just visiting and celebrating the two of you! The reception will last approximately 40 minutes.

3   rd

We gather your guests together and line up for your picture worthy farewell. Your guests will leave and you will have exclusive time with our photographer. Our photographer knows our venue, its grounds, and how the light plays out at different times of the day. All the best places will be used to capture your newlywed love, giving you photo memories to last a lifetime!

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That one is totally up to you…if there even is a 4th…you can go join your guests at a pre-arranged place to continue the celebration… or take off by yourselves for a little intimate escape... or leave for your honeymoon. It's whatever you decide… it’s your “happily ever after”! And we are SO thankful you chose to begin your new life together with us at Best Little Wedding in Texas.

Come – Visit – Experience


venue created to be special, just like you

venue created with love, in a serene and tranquil setting that surpasses all expectations


venue that offers the best in weddings, whether it be the Ultimate Wedding Experience, or the all-inclusive, everything-ready-for-you Best Little Wedding in Texas

2475 Blanks Rd

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